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Earn Daily 2000 PKR Easy Work

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Earn Daily 2000 PKR Easy Work:

Earn Daily 2000 PKR Easy Work.

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I installed this for the first time and signed up my account. When I tried to sign in, it showed that you have already registered your account in your device…. But I have installed this app for the first time. That’s The reason, I gave 1 star to this app

Easy To Use. Trusted app !!! But need to improve Quality, Colours in app, Sometimea Money takes more time to withdraw !!!

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Good app but It’s Transactions Process is very very Fast. It’s take too much time to complete. Plz CM Team, make the system fast because Now It’s 5g Era. Thanks!

It’s been 5 days but my payment could not add in my cashmaal account. I made complain 3 times and sent 3 emails but nothing happened. I feel I should stop cashmaal service and use any other deposit method for online payments. You don’t care our issues and can’t solve on time. I deposited almost 1.3 …

Overall App is good. Safe and Secure. But Taxes it bit high. And i have to wait upto 24 hours for withdrawal. Didn’t get instant withdrawal kindly resolve this issue.

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Using cashmaal for 2 years honestly I would like to say that cashmaal is extremely slow when it comes to big transactions … Not recommended at all … you can use it for 500 pkr , 1000 rupees transactions .. ” gareebon Ka exchanger hai 😂😁😁😂😂🖐️,”

Your service is very poor. I forgot my transaction PIN and also sent message for reset PIN at least 3 to 4 times but got no response till now. The number given for resetting the PIN is switched off. Improve your services a little so that your users don’t have to worry and your record will be clear. …


think about this app this like a spy app since I downloaded this app every day -2 rupees are removing from my SIM card it doesn’t give you money it takes from you it’s a virus malware, If you like your don’t install that.

In starting they work well but now It’s service is not working good because they increase exchange rate. That they already sell 1$ in Rs.180 and now they increase exchange rate 15$ extra. No doubt this is trusted but the exchange rate is not suitable and reasonable. Please solve this problem. Otherw…

Good app timely withdraw option . But this app never send credit in 24hrs . For fast withdraw there are some other charges apply.


Good Experience while using this app for the first time. Needs to make the withdraw process more efficiently in lesser time.

Graphics of this app is too low. I think they are did not focus on good design but i give 4 star only for app performance & transaction process

Such a stupid app and website mostly it holds your funds for more then 48 hours without any reason once you try to contact them they will not reply you for 4 5 days they never pick call no email reply

Everything is alright but nowadays theit auto payment update system is not working i am still waiting to get my transaction id updated but guess what its been 2 days already and i didn’t got any response yet from cashmaal. Must say their support service is trash. Never ever deposit your money if you…
Well this is the most expensive way of exchanging money to ceypto. I withdrew 18k rupees to dodge and shiba and they charged 182 to 191for a dollar whereas the fees was 4.xx dollars beside on dodge. Whereas on litecoin the conversion rate for dollar was same whereas the fees was 1.xx dollars so when…
Your app is one of the worst app i have ever seen they deducted money from my accout 4 days ago and until now they didnot deliever my token to my account despite of i have sent tgem several emails but they didnot reply a singal one thier reply is computer generated and only says out team will reply …
I like this app very much. It is easy to use and under stand. I will recommend about this app to my all friends. This app provides all features and fecilities to the users it takes away from all difficulties about payments and there is no risk about cash using this app. I will explain it in one sent…
My payment is getting stuck one month I have complained many times but could not find the answer. Very stupid customer service.
I really love this app now for adding new assets like Tron,Dogecoin,Ethereum,Usdt But can you please decrease the withdraw fees for crypto currency your fees are high but no issue found instant transfer thanks cashmaal!
I like this application. Very easy and best methods of deposit and withdraw. I give 3 star ⭐⭐⭐. For deposit and withdraw please add BNB crypto currency. I have give one more Star ⭐.

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