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Whatsapp Recover deleted messages & status

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Recovers my own messages when I delete them. This means I spend more time deleting messages from this app (one by one) than I spend using WhatsApp itself. It never did this a few months ago, I don’t know why this has changed, but it means that the average star rating from new users is much lower tha…

Easy to use. Update made it a bit bad. Need some changes. 1. One feature to show only deleted messages 2. Date and time of deleted messages. 3. Add new feature to save one time view only images and videos. If not directly a feature where we can view it through the app and it gets saved or it views i…

After last few updates , it has become completely useless, laggy . Please fix it . It is happening for last 2 months . Previously it was great , even I rated it with 4 stars , but now it is completely unusable. Please roll back to the stable version.

This app is safest app if you want to read the deleted messages, it not only does store deleted messages but also stores Photos, Videos and documents. It also has the feature of seeing deleted messages of other popular conversing apps like Telegram. Best tool I found till date.

It is just superb app I like it so much b/c this is 1st app I like the most tq for this app and it is really amazing, it will also show the what whatsapp messages came, and, even deleted messages, there is also option for only deleted messages or watsapp messages also. Lastly thank you☺️☺️☺️

Great app, absolutly works, only have 2 small concerns. First is that it shows a notification for every split second of an action. Example.. A download is counting down and will get 30-50 notifications for each update the download has as it comes through. Second is simple, you cant click the notific…

This App is Excellent guys i like it when somebody sent whatsApp then decide to delete it even if its individual/its in the group WAWR notifies u immidiately and show u that msg then u can read it while somebody is 100% sure that he/she deleted it. And that msg that says This message is deleted on w…

Every time when i open it, the notification shows that it has been deactivated or interpreted and needs to be reactivated. I have disabled and then enabled for almost 6 to 7 times and now gonna delete this app. Worst experience ever with any app.

The app only works with messages that is typed. When a media file or audio file is deleted you get a notifications of that says audio deleted but you can’t recover the audio message to listen to it. Same for videos. So this app sucks. I can see the file was deleted but i have the app to give me the …

The app worked great until recently when it completely stop recovering any form of messages even when I tested it myself by sending myself messages.

In the begining this app works but after few months it doesn’t works at all . It shows messages of Last months only… Completely waste of time and data. I won’t recomend anyone to download this app.

Best app in the play store, I never seen like this app. It is very easily to recover message, status and many more. Thank you WAMR.

I give 2 stars coz this app sometimes don’t show the deleted mssgs but restore your photo I mean deleted photo…..I am satisfied with it’s photo restored function but completely disappointed with it’s mssg restoring function 🙂 and also you can save WhatsApp status also or direct share 😁😁😁must d…

I like this app. Download status and deleted messages are easily done by this app. But I need the watch the status on relative app, before it can appear here.

Everything is nice about this app.. it’s just that I have to restart it after every 6-7 days..and there are ads ofcourse which troubles..So atleast keep the app activated so that we need not to restart it..

Works great just wish it recovered messages that were deleted when there was no internet connection other than that great app

Im very happy with what this app able to do…all delete chat is been recovered just picture taken is not recovered not sure how to make it recovered

This app is grate can you make this app more interesting by getting past deleted messages I mean just a deleted message before one month,even though there is no such feature I like this app very much

Such a great app really I surprised my friends and relatives by sending them the deleted messages and the deleted media files which I can recover from this And they also get shocked when I upload same status Great app really I suggest you to download

This is probably one of the best apps that help you recover deleted messages, it’s never failed to deliver and the status saver is a great bonus

Good app for recover deleted messages media etc…But I just giving 4 stars to it beacuse,while opening the app full ads

It’s helpful but sometimes, it just get disabled on it’s own and it’s pretty nerve-racking to enable it every single day.

Nice app but it keeps saying that I need to sign in to be able to read the deleted messages

This aap is wonderful but there was a problem that I blocked the Whatsaap notification so when we block the Whatsaap notification the aap will not work we have to allow the Whatsaap notification

This is application very helpful to you because WAMR is perfectly recovered all the dlt msge , as well as , Instagram, Facebook, or whatsapp msge . 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌, please download now

This app very great and helpful recover all delete massage and photos, video but sometimes no using like 1/2 weeks so this is not working and restarted, please do something


Amazing app, 99% of the messages are recovered well and successfully… Thanks for this amazing app…

If it stops recovering messages just update the app….tht happens just because of pending update….app is excellent

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