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Volume Booster Sound Booster Apk Download


Volume Booster Sound Booster Apk Download:

Volume Booster Sound Booster Apk Download.

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The loudspeaker and sound app scans megaphones, megaphones and more as loudspeakers.

MAX Volume Booster 2022, a loud volume booster for Android with native music player and bass booster pro, capable of increasing the volume of your phone and tablet to more volume than the default system settings.

Useful for movies, audiobooks, music and games. The free volume booster also works with headphones and an external speaker.

Volume booster and music volume booster increase the volume of all music media: including audiobooks, videos, games, ringtones, alarms, notification volume, etc.


Equalizer and bass booster with music player app can enhance your music bass sound to high quality and high volume, just immerse yourself in maximum sound with DJ mixer bass booster.


Headphones volume booster and speaker booster and supports to increase the volume of external speakers, headphones and Bluetooth.

Displays music volume booster and sound booster song title and artist for android. Provide your music player’s play / pz, next song, previous song and other controls.

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Easy steps to enjoy great audio app:

1- Open Boss Booster – Free Volume Booster App

2- Start playing music player directly from the speaker.

3- Adjust the volume to your liking.
You can first open the volume booster and audio enhancer for Android and let it run in the background, then you can enjoy the maximum volume of all media!

Playing audio in high volume can damage your hearing or break speakers. We recommend that you increase the volume step by step. By installing this application, you agree that you will not hold the developer responsible for any damage to the hardware or hearing impairment, and that you use it at your own risk.

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