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Earn Money online at home

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Earn Money online at home:

Earn Money online at home.

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Im starting to hate this app. Aside from the cash out is so long, the new update makes things more difficult for us! I have $10 already in my account and now you get rid the $10 in paypal! You even make more ads. This is the worst app i’ve ever encountered. Aside from the giving coins is too small a…

Every app that pays you real money this the only app that makes me mad, first aquarium you watch 1 ad and you could feed your whole aquarium now you need to watch 2-3 ads unfair! The minimum payout doesn’t change you know, it’s hard to earn clip coins and it’s not worth it you earn a lot of money be…

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The app was good I like it, there’s a lot of games to play and it’s very enjoyable and entertaining. But, I hope that I can invest higher coins in “Financial Plan” it frustrating me to think that 6,000Coins was the limit and the “Investment Returns” 15,000Coins, and it takes 1month for it to grow. O…


The only flaw is that you can only activate timer if videos are played on recommend/follow section. If you play it under MY CLAPS or your own posted videos, it won’t trigger the timer. Also, playing a video you just SEARCHed won’t get you anything. I hope the developer would see this as room for imp…

All my withdrawals has been declined 🙄 hey clipclaps! I requested a payout once again and still declined! I click the “see why” but it say failed to fetch this article! See? You cant even give me the exact reason why you always declining my payout! Fix it! I withdraw many times but you always decli…

Coins you earn isn’t worth the time and effort you spend. Always shows “Ads loading” which made farming coins even more difficult. Not to mention the value of the coins when you exchange it to dollars, I’ve been playing and watching videos for months and I only got a

It gives me some sort of entertainment because of the videos I like and some fun games. It is easy to use and understand on how to use this app. But some games that promised coins didn’t pay well like Coin Cat and Battle Blocks so it’s kinda sad. And the videos has limited coin so I can’t use it any…

I have received my first $15 reward last Dec.11, 2020 fast and easy. Thank you for that. But now it is very difficult to get a reward. I’ve been using this app everyday just to reach the withdrawal amount. I tried to withdraw another $15 but I was declined three times. So sad ☹️☹️. I don’t know if t…

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I’ve been using this app for a year and 6 months and now that i accumulated $10.80 and tried to withdraw my earning through prepaid refill (thru phone number) on July 9. It says it takes 7~14 days to process my reward and after 7 days i boosted it and now still my reward hasn’t arrive yet. I regrett…

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Earn Daily 2000 PKR Easy Work

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Earn Daily 2000 PKR Easy Work:

Earn Daily 2000 PKR Easy Work.

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I installed this for the first time and signed up my account. When I tried to sign in, it showed that you have already registered your account in your device…. But I have installed this app for the first time. That’s The reason, I gave 1 star to this app

Easy To Use. Trusted app !!! But need to improve Quality, Colours in app, Sometimea Money takes more time to withdraw !!!

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